In 2015, Swiss ensemBle baBel started a project to explore the connections between the world of cars and the world of music and sounds.

A prelude happened in Lausanne, Switzerland in October 2015

baBel toured on the American East coast in July 2016, performing in 26 gas stations.

baBel is present in the French Pavilion (invited by Xavier Veilhan) of the Venise Biennale in July 2017, investigating Venitian gas stations

This section of baBel's website relates the US tour, day by day, as well as - under Music for cars - presents a demo of its new project based on covers of fictional 70's pop music


On July 13-14-15 2017, follow and listen live to ensemBle baBel


Beside this project, ensemBle baBel composes, improvises, plays worldwide and collaborates extensively with Christian Marclay